Continued Education

Continued Education

Continued Education

Learn from the pros

The prices listed apply for two or more course participants. In the event that you have to complete the course alone, a moderate single supplement will be charged on site.

Single supplement on site 90 CHF/EUR or 100 USD:

Single supplement on site 990 CHF/EUR or 1100 USD:
SUBEX Dive Leader

Single supplement on site 1200 CHF/EUR or 1333 USD:
SUBEX Dive Teacher

Included in the course price:
  • CMAS/VDST Certification
  • SUBEX course set
  • SUBEX Logbook & Diving Training Booklet for the SUBEX ART Diver
  • Dive Teacher TL1 Training folder


570 CHF

CMAS/VDST 2 Star/ SSI & PADI AOWD with Stress & Rescue
SUBEX ART Diver- the way to independence.
This is an offer based on the combination of diving experience and further education. ART stands not only for the “art of diving”, but also for Advanced, Rescue and Two-star.

Duration : 5 days
Requirements : • Participants must be able to prove at least 30 dives for the beginning of the course.
• Age at least 16 years.
• Certification requires evidence of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training within the last two years.
• Not required but recommended SK Marine Biology.

The SUBEX Dive Leader CMAS/VDST/GDL T3 training course is an intensive course. Our Dive Leader training covers all areas of recreational diving at the highest level in theory and practice, the training and practice of life-saving emergency measures, the organization and execution of diving activities at depths of up to max. 40 meters as well as proof of very good performance in swimming and free diving with ABC equipment.

Duration : 2 weeks
Requirements : • CMAS 2 Star or equivalent
• At least 75 dives (min.10 in depths up to 40 m)
• Min.18 years
• Valid diving fitness certificate, not older than 6 months
• Valid certificate as an emergency responder, not older than two years
• Good physical condition
• Own diving equipment

SUBEX Dive Teacher

3,800 CHF

CMAS/VDST/GDL- Instructor
Good diving training is and remains a balanced combination of knowledge and experience.
This is especially true for the career of a dive guide and instructor. SUBEX fulfills this requirement and offers the opportunity to combine training with collaboration.

Duration : 3 months
Requirements : - CMAS 3 star or equivalent
- Min.120 dives of which 10 in depths of 30-40 meters and 20 in the last 12 months
- Age min.18 years
- Valid diving fitness certificate, not older than 6 months
- Valid CPR/O2 Provider certificate, not older than two years

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